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CA Resident CCW | Utah Non-Resident CCW | Arizona Non-Resident | CCW Florida Non-Resident CCW


- Must have taken the Level 1 Pistol Course

California CCW are for CA residents only. To obtain your CA CCW permit  follow this order:

1) Take the Level 1 Pistol course first

2) Apply CCW at your local CCW law enforcement department.

3) Get an interview with the CCW law enforcement department and get your Livescan Fingerprinting either through them or through www.ASPLivescanNotary.com

4) Get CCW training with us. Note, it is your responsibility to check in with the county if our firearm training school is acceptable. Every county operates differently.


 Utah, Arizona, & Florida CCW Permit


Taken the Level 1 Pistol Course

Utah, Arizona, and Florida are “Shall Issue” states when it comes to concealed weapons and they have a very generous Non-Resident permit process. If you travel out of the state of California you should consider getting this permit, it is EASY! Our class meets, and in our opinion exceeds requirements insuring you are well educated in the law and in use of deadly force justification and techniques to keep you safe. At ASP Firearm Training we provide you a student workbook with the material covered and we go the extra mile to give you carry techniques, and real world close quarters conflict training that a conceal carry permit holder may actually face in a fight.

In our class we will cover:

  • Basic Handgun Safety
  • Places where a CCW/CWP carrier can and cannot carry
  • How a CCW/CWP carrier should handle a law enforcement contact
  • Reciprocity and Recognition
  • The escalation of force continuum
  • Handgun Operation
  • Fundamentals of shooting a handgun
  • Safe storage of firearms and ammunition
  • State laws surrounding firearms and carrying of firearms
  • Prerequisites:

    • An open mind and a willingness to learn...
    • No criminal convictions that would deny the student the ability to lawfully posses a firearm

    Equipment you NEED:

    • Around 100-200 rounds of handgun ammunition
    • A magazine carrier or two (optional)
    • Eye and Ear protection
    • Eye protection MUST be full wrap around style
    • A ball cap or similar type cap with a brim is required
    • NO open toe shoes, sandals, etc.
    • Long pants (NO SHORTS)

    Equipment we RECOMMEND:

    • Good footwear that offers ankle support is recommended
    • Cargo style pants (5.11 type or military BDU with the bellows pockets to hold additional rounds is always useful
    • At least a gallon of drinking water. There is no drinking water available.

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