Keep Facilities Coronavirus Free

Apr 21, 2021

To keep facilities Coronavirus free, companies will check employee temperatures.
As the U.S. economic slowdown caused by Coronavirus continues, companies including Amazon and Tyson Foods are checking employees' temperatures in hopes of keeping their facilities operating virus-free. "Tyson Foods’ role as America’s largest food company is critical. We’re doing all we can to protect our team members and to keep our operations open," a company spokesperson told FOX Business. "We plan to implement more infrared temperature scanners into more facilities. The scanners are an additional tool to make sure we’re using as many efficient methods as possible to protect team members.

Alert Security and Patrol can perform temperature checks on employees as soon as they arrive at work. Anyone with a slight fever above 100.4 degrees will be sent home, which is CDC recommendation.
As these unprecedented times evolve, Alert Security & Patrol continues to adjust and respond to support our employees and our clients.