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You are here because...

You are a New Shooter

Our goal is to get you comfortable with your firearm. New shooters are ideal because you have not developed bad habits.

You are an Experienced Shooter

By throwing your ego out of the door, you are willing to develop and hone your skills. There is always something to learn and improve.

You are looking for a Team Bonding activity

Whether it is for your corporate work group or organization, this activity will help develop trust, patience, team camaraderie, empathy, leadership, and goal-setting achievements.

You are planning for your firearm tourism group. Chinese Tourism is welcome!

We love students from all background to learn one of America's sacred traditions, so appreciate, enjoy, and build new skills with us.

You are interested in the CCW training

Conceal carry weapons permit allows you to carry conceal firearm in certain places in the United States. It comes with great responsibility and mindfulness. We will teach tactics while abiding by local laws.

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Sign up for these courses now!

Click on the courses for details and prices.

We love training beginners because they don't develop learning scars


What People are saying


"I met Steve at our FSC training. He was friendly, professional, and resourceful. I look forward to attend firearm classes that ASP will have. I wish your business success and providing helpful trainings to many firearm enthusiasts."


Dave has worked in law enforcement for 3 years before starting his security company for almost 8 years and on-going. He has trained security professionals during that time as well. His love in teaching firearms safety and skills is the main reason he started the training school.


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